May 28th is National Brisket Day!!!

(at least in the lower 48, but we are going to borrow their holiday!)

Some trivia about beef brisket:

PepperRubbedBrisket_2 (1)

  • Brisket comes from the chest of the steer.
  • It is the toughest cut of meat on the animal and must be cut correctly if you are looking for delicious instead of shoe leather.
  • The muscle is covered in a thick fat pad, that must be broken down by long slow cooking.
  • When the meat comes out of the smoker it is the consistency of jelly.
  • A serving of brisket with potatoes and veggies is about 500 calories

Brisket at Alcan Smokehouse

There are many complicated recipes to “guarantee” the perfect brisket, but the real trick is slow and low.¬†Here in Dawson Creek, our local BC beef brisket is coated with a rub, then smoked in hickory and alder wood for 12 hours at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Brisket is served on our menu in many different ways:

  1. Brisket Plate – slow smoked brisket served with seasonal vegetables (currently a root veggie mix with parsnips, yam, carrot, rutabaga) or our apple-cabbage slaw, freshly baked cornbread, and your choice of garlic mashed or blasted potatoes.
  2. Beef Brisket on Rye Sandwich – shredded brisket on house-made Winnipeg rye bread, with pickles and garlic aioli and your choice of Carolina mustard or our smoky BBQ sauce. Comes with a side of today’s soup, green or spinach salad, or blasted potatoes. Also available on a gluten-free wrap!
  3. Brisket Quesadilla – flour tortillas stuffed with shredded brisket, veggies, and a cheddar and pepper jack cheese mix. Served with your choice of fresh fruit salsa, sour cream, or Sriracha ranch dip (any 2)
  4. Burnt Ends – The only way to get these bites of sheer brilliance is on our appy sampler platter which comes with an assortment risotto balls, avocado egg rolls, wings, ribs, and either burnt ends or crispy seasoned chicken skin
  5. Shredded brisket add-ons – you can add brisket to any salad or our signature blasted potato poutine

Occasionally, we will also include brisket on daily specials so keep checking back to hear about our specials.

It’s a chilly damp day in the Peace, so come on down and celebrate with us!