The Smoker

Our smoker is a Southern Pride wood-burning gas fired oven which is designed for even temperatures made possible by precise thermostat control, convection air circulation, and heat efficiency. If you happen to be downtown on any given day, you can follow your nose right to our doors.


The leathery chest muscle from the steer, brisket requires long slow cooking and specialized carving. Ours is coated with a secret rub, wrapped and chilled for 8-12 hrs, then smoked with hickory and alder for an additional 12 hrs.


We have perfected the curing process to make our own Montreal Smoked Meat from brisket. Smoked with hickory, steamed, and sliced for sandwiches.


Using the large fatty shoulder muscle known as the butt, these 8-10 lb roasts are coated in an apple spice rub, then smoked for 12-14 hrs with hickory and alder.


Our extra meaty pork ribs are brined overnight, then coated in a dry rub. They go into the smoker for 6 hrs surrounded by a cherry and alder smoke mix.


Local bacon already great as it is, basted with maple and smoked again in-house and served with the Chicken and Waffles or as an add-on.


Coho salmon fillets are brined overnight, placed in the smoker with maple wood, where they are basted every 15 mins until smoked to perfection.


Our tiny bratwurst is made locally for us using traditional spice mixes, then roasted in alder smoke for 1 hr, giving them a distinct flavour unique to the Alcan.


Prepared 4 ways. Wings are marinated, spiced, and smoked for 1 hr before finishing in the fryer and going out to the customer. Locally sourced roasters are halved, brined, rubbed, and then smoked for 2-3 hrs to bring you our shredded chicken and hand-breaded crispy chicken tenders (featured in the Chicken ‘n’ Waffles, Pesto Chicken Burger, and as an add-on for salads). The half-chicken fryers are cut here in the restaurant, brined, rubbed and smoked for 2-3 hrs, then finished in the oven before heading out to diners.


We also smoke our own kosher salt, as well as baked beans and other vegetables used in our signature sauces. Watch out for smoked cheesecake on occasion too!

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